TURKANA Benefits. Perimetral Security System

What is Turkana?

Turkana is the world’s first Alarm Verification Service specialized in perimeter protection systems for photovoltaic solar parks. It is a high-tech security service that verifies and filters alarms (real and false) from the security installation to which it is connected and also has innovative features that make it unique today.

Turkana …

– Receive all the alarms of the installation.

– Catalogues each alarm.

– Notify real alarms to the local ARC and maintenance services to optimize the park.

Turkana functionalities and advantages

1.- Compatible with any security system and / or Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) .- This means that Turkana supports any type of security system, whatever its technology, and makes it compatible with any local Alarm Receiving Center, Whatever your means.

2.- The client has access, via web, to all the information of their security system.-The Turkana Gestión web tool allows each client to manage and see in real time the status of their parks:

  • Real alarms, with image and data of the processing carried out.
  • Statistics: number of false alarms by reason, by channel and by park of the last days.
  • List of devices connected in degraded mode.
  • Information of devices in fault or with some type of incident.
  • Information of connections and disconnections of the system, identifying the user who produced each action.
  • Event Report.
  • FastCheck.

3.- The Dynamic Gradient Mode of Turkana.– This functionality allows to automatically degrade that camera whose number of false alarms is excessively high. Meanwhile, the system continues to monitor and when it detects that the camera returns to normal false alarm levels, it automatically reactivates it. Turkana does not isolate cameras as conventional ARCs do, it degrades them when necessary.

4.- It has a specialized filtering that prioritizes alarms.– An innovative automatic algorithm developed with Artificial Intelligence allows Turkana to prioritize and classify alarms. While in a conventional ARC the alarms are verified in order of entry, Turkana prioritizes the alarms based on the recent history of the camera giving priority to the real alarms that will be addressed immediately.

5.- Global scope.– Turkana allows the centralization of the security of all its solar parks, even if they are located in different countries.

6.- Specialized operators.– Turkana has ‘human’ specialized operators trained in the verification of alarms that visualize and filter each signal, proceeding with the protocols previously specified by each client.

7.- Speeds up maintenance tasks.- Turkana interacts with the maintenance area of ​​the solar park, speeding up the tasks of this service and helping to reduce costs.

8.- Budget similar to that of a conventional ARC.- Turkana has an assumable budget, similar to that of a conventional Alarm Receiving Center, with a proven quality / price ratio.

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